Drop off and parking:

BHDS is located in a small business park which can be accessed via the roundabout connecting Campbell Avenue and South Creek Road. 
To ensure safety of all children and smooth running's of an afternoon we insist that you work with us to make everyone's visit to BHDS a pleasant experience.
You are only permitted to "drop off and pick up" your child in the premises - please respect our neighbours and do not park in their spots. If you have to come in to reception, please use on street parking and walk into the premises.
Please adhere to the 5 km/h speed limit in the business park. 
You are not allowed to drive your car into the narrow passage way past 'Apex Signage' as to avoid any accidents whilst reversing.
If you are parking outside the premises, we require all parents to walk their child to the studio entrance. Please keep to the left of the driveway utilizing the yellow marked pedestrian walkway.
BHDS does not allow parents or siblings to stay and watch classes as this distracts the children.
Teachers can only supervise theirs students during classes, no supervision is provided outside class times, parents should make adequate arrangements to drop off and collect their child before and after class, especially if it is the last class of an afternoon/evening.